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About Ascam

Ascam which started as a sawmill machine manufacturing company with 70 year history will promote a more efficient use of forest thinning with its resources. We aim to make our brand one with a feeling of nature and to provide you a comfortable daily life.

Corporate profile

Corporate Philosophy

We propose you a life style which will be helpful for both the forest and you. “Wood” has been used for architecture, furniture and fuel, such as charcoal or firewood for a long time. “Wood” is an essential material that has endowed the Japanese people with warmth and relaxation. Currently it is being replaced with petro and other chemical, artificial materials. Accordingly, people’s lives have changed to become convenient. However, people’s living environments have become stressful. Therefore we considered how we can bring those ancient comforts back to our lives. We focused on two elements, one, wood from the mountains and the other, ceramic from the earth, and thus created “ceramic charcoal”. Ceramic charcoal is made by mixing lumber from thinning and ceramic (soil) together and baked in an original oven at 850℃ temp. The energy of natural material has incredible functions. We hope that we can be of help to revive our forest and deliver you a “small happiness for all the little things”.


Wood gives us peace and energy when it is standing upright, and even after they are cut down they play part in developing civilization being used for architecture, paper and fuel. In Edo period (1603-1827), Shimada juku developed with abundant natural resources from Oi River and surrounding mountains where was said Hakone hachiri wa uma demo kosu ga, kosu ni kosarenu Ōigawa (Even horses can cross eight ri (=31 km) of Hakone, but the Ōi River is hard to cross in any way.) Even, after the opening of a new airport and speed way, Horai Bridge still keeps the old view as the longest wood bridge. Our company is located in the lowest area of the Oi River. The sawmill machine company which was founded in 1937 spun off the ceramic charcoal division into Ascam Co., Ltd. in 2000. We started this business, because we sensed a crisis with the condition of the forest. We successfully developed the original ceramic charcoal at the same period. By using the function of ceramic charcoal effectively made from thinning the forest, we plan and produce products for global categories of deodorizing, humidity conditioning and relaxation.

Ceramic charcoal

Passion for products

We have traditionally used charcoal in our life as fuel such as like “bincho-tan” in Japan. Our company not only produces charcoal for fuel, but also produces ceramic charcoal which has a good quality for functions such as deodorizing, far-infrared (radiating) and humidity controlling. This ceramic charcoal is made from thinning cypress and cedar from Shizuoka. To provide stable products, wood is cut into 5-8mm length pieces, blend with our original ceramics and carbonized at 850℃ with a machine that originally developed at Yokoyama Iron Co., Ltd.

Why thinning woods?

When tree-plant sapling in the mountains, space is narrowed between the saplings to avoid damage from rain and wind. Some trees need to be thinned out so that the whole woods will be covered with light and air during the process of growth. This is called “thinning”. A healthy forest is always properly taken care of and will thus grow over a long period. The Ceramic charcoal is made from thinning cedar or cypress. It received certification for “thinning wood” from the National Federation of Forest Owners’ Co-operative Association which means a part of the cost is being donated for plant activity. To provide a comfortable life for the people and forests with peace and safety are what we are aiming at.

We do not have a dedicated staff to speak English in our office. We highly appreciate if you send your inquiry/question via message form.